Will Your Twitch Prime Auto-Renew?

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One of the great benefits of the Twitch Platform is Twitch Prime, giving you a free monthly subscription to a streamer of your choice if you have an Amazon Prime account. Once subscribed, does it auto-renew though?

Twitch Prime does not auto-renew each month to the streamer you initially used your Twitch Prime on, you need to manually subscribe to them again or choose a new streamer to use your Twitch Prime on.

A lot of queries pop up around how Twitch Prime works, let’s take a look in more detail.

How Your Twitch Prime Channel Sub Works

We see a bunch of questions around how the Twitch Prime subscription works, the good news is Twitch Prime is set up to be easy to use.

How Long Will Your Twitch Prime Sub To A Channel Last?

When you use your Twitch Prime sub it’s easy to get curious around if it works in a similar way to a regular sub, including how long the sub actually lasts!

The great news is it works in the same way as a regular sub, so once you subscribe to a channel you will then be subscribed to them for 30 days from the date you subscribed and then your Twitch Prime subscription will be available to use again either on the same channel or any other partnered or affiliate channel.

Can You Change Your Sub To A Different Streamer?

We know how it is, sometimes you’re super active and watching a streamer because they’re playing a game you’re into at the moment. Without realizing you get bored of the game but you just gave a streamer your Twitch Prime just yesterday – whoops!

Twitch Prime works the same way as regular subs, so as soon as you subscribe to a channel using your Twitch Prime you’re subscribed to that channel for a full 30 days and you can’t switch your subscription to another channel during that period.

The great thing about Twitch Prime is what when those 30 days are up you get your Twitch Prime sub back and it will be available to use again, you can choose to subscribe to any channel you like.

How Do You Cancel Your Twitch Prime Sub To A Channel?

This happens more often than most people realize, it’s so easy to be playing around on a channel and accidentally subscribe to them with your Twitch Prime for that month if it’s available!

Once you’re subscribed to a channel you can’t cancel your sub to that channel so you will be subscribed to them for the full 30 days, once those 30 days are up you’ll get your sub back and can use it on any channel you like again.

If you’re instead looking at how to make sure you don’t carry on using your Twitch Prime sub on a channel, for example you’re looking for the “Do Not Renew” button which you get with regular subs on Twitch, you don’t have one one of those buttons with Twitch Prime as it doesn’t auto renew.

Does The Twitch Prime Automatically Charge Your Card?

At the moment Twitch Prime isn’t a separate subscription where it will automatically charge your card every month, which is good news all around!

Everything is linked to your Amazon account and you can’t actually have Twitch Prime without an Amazon and Amazon Prime subscription, so your Twitch Prime benefits are linked to your Amazon Prime account.

It does mean you won’t be charged separately for Twitch Prime, while at the same time it means that while you have an Amazon Prime account then your Twitch Prime benefits will be activated and will continue without you needing to do anything.

So to summarize, Twitch Prime won’t charge your card separately and is actually directly linked to your Amazon Prime, so your Amazon Prime monthly charge will continue to go out of your account as normal. There are no additional costs to having a Twitch Prime account 🙏

Tracking Multiple Twitch Primes

Having multiple Twitch Primes to give to streamers and their channels is really awesome and not a lot of people know it’s even possible!

If you didn’t know you could have multiple Twitch Primes connected to your account, just be aware the benefits are shared when multiple Twitch Prime accounts are linked, so you won’t get additional benefits for each Twitch Prime you link up.

Once you have the multiple accounts linked though it can be a bit annoying keeping track of where you’re using each Twitch Prime sub as there’s no auto-renew for Twitch Prime.

That means you have to manually keep track of which channels you’re subscribed to and when each of your Twitch Prime auto-renews.

You can track which channels you have an active Twitch Prime subscription on though, just head to this link when signed into your Twitch account:

Once on that page, you will be able to see which the channels you’re using your Twitch Prime subs on by looking for the “Prime Subscription” badge in each of the profiles you have an active subscription on. It’s a noticeably different icon compared to a regular sub, with the Twitch Prime crown showing too.

How Much Money Does The Streamer Get From Twitch Prime?

Twitch has actually been really amazing with their Twitch Prime program and as far as the streamer’s concerned from a money point of view, it’s the same as a regular tier 1 subscription to the channel and the money they get will be distributed in the same way as a regular subscription.

So with most streamers getting a 50/50 split with a subscription, Twitch Prime is the equivalent of giving a tier 1 subscription which is $4.99 meaning the streamer gets around $2.50 from a Twitch Prime sub.

If Twitch Prime Shows As Unavailable

It’s a great feeling when you get to give your Twitch Prime to someone and show your appreciation for great content, making it a bit of a downer when you’re sure your Twitch Prime sub is available to use and then it shows as unavailable when you go to sub!

The first, and easiest, thing to check out is if your Twitch Prime is actually available. You can see this straight away when trying to sub to a channel, just click the subscribe button and try to give your Twitch Prime – you’ll see a prompt telling you when it’s available again as below.

If that’s not the issue, then the next thing to check out is if your Amazon Prime payment went through successfully this month. Simply log into your Amazon account, head to your Prime Membership area and fix any billing issues which are there.

Finally, if you’re a student it’s important to note that you only get 1 subscription during your free trial, as stated here. Here’s the important passage:

Q. I am a member of Prime Student. Can I sign up for Twitch Prime?
A. Yes, Prime Student members are eligible for Twitch Prime. However, you will only receive one Twitch channel subscription to use on any Partner / Affiliate channel during your no-cost trial. Note that if you have used a Free Trial previously, then you will not receive a Twitch channel subscription during your Prime Student Free Trial.

What that means is that if as a student you have a 6-month trial you will have 1 sub to use for that initial 6-month trial, then once you start paying you will get 1 Twitch Prime sub per month after that.

As a student in a free trial, you do continue to get the other Twitch Prime benefits which is a nice touch by Twitch.

Wrapping Up

Twitch Prime is an awesome benefit and really helps out so many streamers all over the world, here are some other questions people often search for too…

What is Twitch Prime loot gifting?
On occasion, Twitch Prime members are able to gift up to 3 copies of Twitch Prime loot to other members of the Twitch community!

You can read the detail on how to do that here.

How do you check upcoming Twitch Prime loot?
The best thing to do is keep your eye on the Twitch Prime Twitter feed for the latest announcements.

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