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Crafting the best Mixer stream title is one of the most important elements to growing your stream. The fact that you’re taking the time to research the best title puts you ahead of most streamers.

The Best Mixer Stream Title

Use the following as a template for your own stream title:
Activity you’re doing | Game You’re Streaming | Keywords | Commands

Now there are a lot of ways that template can be used to fit in with your stream, of course, so let’s take a look at the elements behind the stream title.

Use A Short Title

Mixer truncates titles based on the width of the viewers’ screen, not based on the number of characters used.

That means it’s important to get the actual title of your stream (excluding keywords and commands) into the shortest version you can.

As an example, the following mixer stream title…
24 Hour Stream With Viewers Then Raiding With The Crew!

Would become similar to the following in the Mixer directory…
24 Hour Stream With Viewers Then Rai…

Avoid Common Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes seen in the Mixer directory is making the title long by putting things like [PARTNER] [EYE TRACKER] at the front of the title, using a significant amount of your space available before you even tell the potential anything.

A similar mistake seen is using uppercase unnecessarily, compare the width of the following title in both uppercase and written normally:

This is the best mixer stream title you’ve ever seen

Pretty big difference when you see them side by side!

You obviously wouldn’t write your whole stream title in uppercase, but consider just typing the stream title out in a standard way.

Brainstorm Your Stream Title

When considering what to put in there, you need to consider what will make this the best mixer stream title relative to others near you in the directory. That part is important.

Let’s get this out of the way: You’re not competing with King Gothalion for attention. You’re trying to stand out against other streamers right next to you when the audience hits you in the directory.

So with that in mind…

Be specific around what you’re doing in-game

Adding things like “Fun, chill times with my buddies” feels like a nice title, however it gives no information around what activity you’re doing in-game. Make your title about your potential audience, not yourself, until you hit at least 500 consistent viewers.

Being specific doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun though! Here are 3 examples…

Describe what you’re doing next in-game, so for Destiny 2 it could be “Slayin’ crucible, viewer raids next!”

You could be witty or funny, so if you were playing GTA V you could try “Trooper Fogell back in town! Doing GTA V roleplay”

Another technique is to use numbers, we always seem to love numbers as humans! So if you were streaming CS:GO you could try “13 wins no losses, going for 30 today!”

Any of the above will work, it simply comes down to the type of community you’re trying to build. Only use one technique at a time though, don’t mix and match them.

Consider Emoji’s…Sometimes

The fact is that using an emoji in your title can really help you stand out in the directory, however, don’t use one if your title is even medium length.

A great time to use an emoji is if your title happens to be short, it can be a great way to pull someone in.

Separating The Title & Things After It

The best mixer stream title is composed of the actual title and then keywords/commands after it, which we cover in the next section.

When you’re trying to show a clean break between the main title and the things following it you need to show where your title ends.

Consider the following bad example:
Getting sweaty in Crucible solo-play Warlock !discord !comp

It’s pretty hard to break down, right?

Compare that to this:
Getting sweaty in Crucible solo-play | Warlock | !discord | !comp

It’s very clear where the main title ends and other info begins. The | characters are called pipes or vertical bars. They’re great to use as they don’t take up much room and clearly show a break, so make sure you use them.

Use Keywords & Commands

With your sweet title in place you’ve done most of the hard work, you definitely should feel good about getting this far!

Keywords and commands after the title can be useful, mostly when someone clicks through to your stream and there looking at your title to get that bit more in- formation about what you’re currently up to.

You typically don’t want to use more than 4 total keywords and commands combined.

That could be 3 keywords and 0 commands or 1 keyword and 2 commands, but don’t go over 4 total when you consider your mixer stream title.

Let’s look at keywords and commands.

Thinking up keywords

Keywords typically describe the type of role you’re playing in the game or maybe the activity you’re doing.

So if you were in Overwatch playing support, you’d want to draw attention to that by using it as a keyword. The reasoning behind that is you could have a potential new viewer trawling the Overwatch directory looking for support gameplay so they can improve.

You wouldn’t want to force “support” into your main title if you don’t have to, so it could become a great keyword.

It would look something like this:
Solo comp grind | Support Main

Staying with the Overwatch theme, if you’re running an open lobby that could become another keyword, really giving you the best Mixer stream title compared to those around you.

It would become:
Solo comp grind | Support Main | Open Lobby

Layering In Commands

The final thing to add to your title it to list the one or two chat commands which you think your viewers will need to know about.

These are at the very end of your title and very likely to be cut off in the main directory, however they’re incredibly useful when someone is actually on your stream.

As an example, if you’re using Scottybot with a snippet to tell viewers you’re reviewing their gameplay if they submit a video and you’ve connected that snippet to the !review command, that’s an incredibly useful thing to put in your title.

It’s important to not go too crazy with adding commands into your stream title, it’s better to put ones you always use in your page bio so they can always be found.

So, tying all the above together into our Overwatch example again, we would have a finished title which looked like this:
Solo comp grind | Support Main | Open Lobby | !review

That finished title is clear, short and will make you stand out compared to others in the directory.

Take this screenshot of the directory row…

Now imagine that you’re trying to get your first consistent 5 viewers and these are the streams you’re competing with, with the title above you’ll stand out very clearly and stand a much higher chance of getting a viewer.

Make Your Title Work For You

With all the above combined you’ll be in a great spot and really will have the best Mixer stream title to draw people into your awesome community and grow to new heights.

There are 2 more closing tips which are helpful but not essential

Change Your Stream Title Often

Quite often the people who are watching streams go back to the game directory when they’re bored, we’re finding this to be especially true in Mixer while people are finding their natural places in the boards.

With that in mind, it’s a great idea to change your title at least a couple of times per stream. That’s right, per stream not only once per day – a lot of the success in Mixer is going to come down to you doing the things others aren’t willing to do.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule on when to do this, but typically when you change the main activity which you’re doing it’s a great opportunity to refresh the title. There’s nothing worse than clicking into a stream which tells you they’re doing one activity and when you land in there you find out they stopped doing it hours ago.

Change The Stream Title When You Go Offline

Just as you go offline, change your stream title to state the date and time (including timezone!) when your followers can next expect you online.

Although this seems like a small thing it’s definitely free advertising (as you can set an offline banner image) so if anybody drops onto your stream while you’re away they know exactly when they can find you online next!

4 Great Examples Of The Best Mixer Stream Titles

Let’s close out with some examples of great stream titles used

1) Shroud “Level 40 TONIGHT!”

Looking at one of the best streamers out there, Shroud, you can see him naturally using a short title with a number in it that pulls you in.

He typically uses commands in his titles too, but it’s not needed this time and does well as a standalone heading.

Check out Shroud on Mixer »

2) MirandaPings “Finishing This Today? | !sub !techni !gamepass”

While scrolling through the directory to find good examples I spotted Miranda- Pings right away, it’s very clear what her focus is on today’s stream.

In addition to the title, she’s separated the important commands with a vertical line, making the whole thing very readable.

Check out MieandaPings on Mixer »

3) SheriffStrafe “🔴🔵 Retired Cop playing GTA 🔴🔵 | FRENZY RP | !donuts”

Although he’s made the title too long by using emojis, which is then cutting off the keyword and command in the directory, the title itself is really great and definitely makes you want to click into the stream and read.

Check out SheriffStrafe on Mixer »

4) BEASTxPSYCHO “|| XBOX || Back on the grind!”

The order is backward here but the general idea is great – he’s explaining what he’s doing in the game by saying “Back on the grind!” and as a keyword he’s referencing Xbox, which is definitely a key factor when tuning in for quite a few users.

Check out BEASTxPSYCHO on Mixer »

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