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Becoming a moderator on a stream for any platform is an exciting, as well as a little daunting!

A Mixer stream moderator is no different, however the shift over from other platforms can raise a whole lot of questions and that’s what we’re going to run through today to make sure you’ve got clear answers to any platform-specific questions.

To cover the two most asked questions about becoming a Mixer stream moderator…

You typically don’t get compensated for moderating a stream unless it’s for a large brand. Moderators also can’t set a stream title, but editors of a stream can, so you need to have both the “Moderator” and “Editor” role to be able to do that.

Not sure what else is entailed in moderating a Mixer stream? Here’s our helpful guide walking you through the main things you’re going to need to know as a Mixer stream moderator.

The Mixer Stream Roles Available

Mixer is a little different from other platforms, but it’s nothing too crazy so pretty easy to get your head around!

One thing worth mentioning is there’s a lot of chat in forums as well as Reddit about Global Moderators in Mixer. Although that role does exist, it’s exclusively for Microsoft employees and it’s not a role Channel Owners can give out themselves.

There are two roles available, let’s take a look at them.

The Mixer Stream Moderator

The Mixer Stream Moderator is the secret weapon behind the best streams on the platform, the role is typically given to a user who the Channel Owner trusts to uphold the rules set out by a channel.

The Mixer moderator is also expected to keep the channel in line with the Mixer platform rules which all users are expected to hold themselves to but can sometimes forget in the heat of a stream!

Usually, the moderator is handpicked by the Channel Owner with the focus of the moderator being to actually moderate the chat, however they also play an essential part in keeping the chat entertained too as they are a really valuable part of the stream. A moderator doesn’t mean a police enforcer.

To assign someone as a Mixer moderator, the channel owner simply types “/mod @username” in the chat on their channel. The channel owner could also click on the username of the person and select “Mod” from the available options in the popup box.

The Mixer Stream Editor

On the other side of the very same coin are the Mixer Stream Editors, they are actually a completely different role in Mixer and are more about keeping the channel up to date.

It is, however, possible as well as common for a user to have both the moderator as well as the editor roles, especially so in small and medium streams with 1,500 viewers or less.

The most useful commands for the editor to know are:

/settitle The New Stream Title
"/setgame Name Of The Game Being Played"
"/setaudience family/teen/18+"

Assigning someone as an Editor is straightforward, just go to the Broadcast Dashboard, click “Users” at the top of the page and search for the user. Once found, click the 3 stacked dots next to their name and then “Promote to Channel Editor”. Users can be both a mod and a Channel Editor.

Qualities Of A Mixer Stream Moderator

Each and every stream on Mixer is unique and so Channel Owners need to use their judgment when looking to assign a user the moderator role.

Some overall things to consider are…

  • Keep your eye out for people in chat who’ve been in there for a long time or those who are already very active. These types of people are already embedded in your community and clearly like your style.
  • Channel owners shouldn’t go on a modding rampage just promoting a handful of users, each moderator is an extension of your brand. As a general rule of thumb try to have one active mod per 600 viewers, which is also assuming you have a good bot or two set up as well.
  • If you’re the channel owner and struggling to find a user in chat, consider asking a real-life friend as you’d be surprised how often they’re keen to help out.

Those are the main things to consider, Mixer stream moderators should be approachable and definitely not feared.

How To Be The Best Stream Moderator

In this section, I’m talking directly to you: The Mixer Stream Moderator.

We’ve touched on some of the main things to consider in this article already, here’s an expanded checklist of things to make sure the stream grows and is successful:

  • Make a conscious effort to be kind and respectful, a lot of trust has been put into you and it’s not only to uphold the peace. You really should be interactive.
  • Remember to keep your ego in check, especially if you’re a new mod. That little mod icon can make you power-hungry and you need to treat the role as a sign of respect by the channel owner to you as an individual.
  • Keep chat commands handy (the mod commands are halfway down)
  • As a general rule if someone in the chat is misbehaving but not intentionally trolling, direct message them first and ask them to calm down. If they carry on, time them out and save a channel ban as a very last resort.
  • Another tool in your arsenal in Mixer is the channel hearts, which indicate people’s “level” within the channel. You can remove hearts for bad behavior and reward them back when they’re back on track. Just use “/remove hearts<username> <amount>” and “/givehearts <username> <amount>” respectively.
  • Make a general effort to keep growing the community for the stream, Mixer has begun as a fantastic and less-toxic platform and so take the time to greet new people in chat and don’t hesitate to time out or ban straight out trolls who are there to ruin the experience for all.

If you can keep your eye on the above thing, you’ll be well on your way to being one of the best mods on Mixer and a fantastic contribution to our awesome community. Thanks for being a part of it.

The Mixer Stream Moderator Commands

It’s really easy to access the tools you need to moderate a channel, all you need to do is left-click on a username in chat and select the command you’re looking for.

Alternatively, if you want to go a bit more old-school, you can type most commands into chat as a moderator and that will run the commend too. Some of the most used ones are:

/purge {username}

This will clear messages from a user in the chat.

/timeout {username} [duration is minutes]
So... /timeout username 10m

This should be used over banning most of the time, keep it handy!

/givehearts {username} {amount}

Reward users for positive interactions and help grow the community ✌️

A full list of commands can be found here.

Agree Channel Specific Rules

The stream owner should take the time to think through stream rules and list them clearly on their profile as well as making sure each Mixer stream moderator is aware of them.

Here are some general ones to take as a starting template:

  • Don’t disrespect fellow users in the chat
  • No racism or discrimination in any way will be tolerated
  • «Mother Language» only
  • No political or religious discussions, we’re here to have fun
  • Don’t promote your own channel or products
  • Respect moderators, they’re here to make sure we all have a good time

The Mixer Stream Moderator should set up clear channels of communication with the stream owner so they can contact them if a priority situation is needed.

Discord works really well, it’s free and us gamers are used to it – just make sure to set a “mod” role in Discord and have a private channel where only the channel owner and moderators can talk.

Rules For Everyone On The Mixer Platform

Every streamer and moderator on Mixer has to go through the platform rules before getting an account, however users in chat probably haven’t so it’s worth being aware.

As a Mixer stream moderator, these main ones are worth keeping at the forefront of your mind:

  • Hate speech, harassment and violent/grotesque content are absolutely not tolerated on the Mixer platform. Hand out a straight ban in these circumstances and report the user too, they are beyond the realms of trolling.
  • Nobody can impersonate staff or other streamers, even as a joke. If it seems innocent enough then give the user a timeout from the channel and report them, Mixer staff will review on a case by case basis.
  • The stream description should be clean for the general audience and definitely not “risky”. If you’re a Mixer stream moderator and think the description is treading a line, let the channel owner know so they can change it before somebody reports them.

Keep the above in mind but also remember it’s not your responsibility to inform users of their violations, Mixer is very specific about that. Just deal with them as needed, report them and move on.

This link to the full Rules of User Conduct are worth keeping handy.

That’s It, Remember To Have Fun!

It’s a great privilege to be given a role as a Mixer stream moderator so enjoy it and thank you for being a part of the Mixer platform, here at Game Streaming Academy we’re big fans of it and love to see it grow.

Make sure you don’t neglect your personal life, being a Mixer stream moderator can be fun and addictive, especially when you’re a mod in several channels.

Take the time to shower and stretch your legs, as well as get enough sleep – I know as gamers, in general, we’re not good at those things but it’s more important than ever as a mod!

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